Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tech .... Sux

Tech SUX.
Look at us while sitting at the cafe or restaurant. Instead of chatting to each others and opening topics, and doing some shit chat.
Everyone is looking into his mobile screen, or their laptops, chatting, BBming, updating facebook status, twitting, uploading photo of their shisha and drinks.
WTF. come on we are together we can chat to each others instead of pressing some keys.

if that what they call Tech .... Screw Tech then.


brownsuger said...

Yah i know what you mean everybody just wanna look busy :p not cool at all

Expat and the City said...

This would be a BIG turn off on a first date. :(

unforgivable sinner said...

i do feel sorry for ourselves..

Anonymous said...

i hate

Ramez said...

I hate em too, I hate anything can take us away of our social life .. real social not keys and screens social things

heartless said...