Saturday, 10 July 2010

My Experience with Pinoy Riders

Pinoy Riders is a group of motorcycles riders, based in Kuwait.
I started my riding experience with them 3 weeks ago, and I wish I wont stop riding with them. They are friendly, lovely & crazy riders.
They are doing great wild rides. Keep going buddies.

If any biker interested in riding with them, meet us every Friday at Hard Rock Cafe at 05:00 AM

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brownsuger said...

Woooow dude i didn't know there was a riding group in Kuwait ... that's awesome!!! i want to meet and rid with u guys :)) but i didn't get my riders license nor my bike :P but i will inshallah ... but i'n thinking to get them after ramadan maybe ;)
can i come next friday and rid with one of u guys at the back just to test the experience plzzzzzz

TaZmaNiA said...

I know a friend who belongs to this riding group of Kuwait, they say they arrange biking trips on weekly basis

brownsuger said...


Ramez said...

OK Brown Sugar
come with your car at 05:00 AM at the Hard Rock Cafe next Friday, and lets see if we are gonna find a free passengers seat for you.
I will try to arrange that with any of the guys.
Hope I got one on my bike, But i didnt install it yet.

I will require a helmet for you too.

brownsuger said...

Ok Helmet on me Bike on u :D haha just this time :> thank man

Edman said...

Hi This Pinoy Riders Still Active till now? i'm looking for a pinoy riders and looking for a 2nd hand ninja bike.