Sunday, 14 March 2010

Animal Friends on Fire

Just got that mail from Animal Friends:

Animal Friends suffered an electrical fire on Thursday. We are very relieved and happy to say that no one was hurt and all animals are safe and unscathed. The fire effected our staff building that also houses our laundry room and storage room. The building is badly damaged and will need extensive repairs. Also four of our staff lost everything except the clothes on their back and we lost most of the animal bedding that was in the laundry room. Below is a list of items we need. We desperately need your help to be able to recover from this unfortunate incident.

1. Cash for repairs (e-mail me for a drop off address and below you will find our bank details)
2. Men's clothing in small, medium and large
3. Towels, blankets, and sheets
4. Fire extinguishers (all of ours were used up trying to put out the fire unsuccesfully)

Bank Name: Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East (BKME)
Branch: South Surra
Name: Ayeshah Waleed Al-Humaidhi
Address Line 1: P.O.Box 71, Safat 13001
Address Line 2: Kuwait
Account: 42043311

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