Sunday, 5 July 2009

Driving in Cairo

Just started my annual vacation in Cairo, and also started my second experience of driving in Cairo,
these items below are not available when you drive here:
  • Mirrors - no body looks in the mirrors before doing anything.
  • Lanes - people are driving between lanes, if its available.
  • Traffic lights - it is almost YELLOW and flashing all the time.
  • Right or left signals - use your hands and drop it out of your window to inform the car behind you that you are going left, and asking my wife to use her hand if we are about to go right.
  • Using your horn all the time with no reasons.
And you should take care of:
Car in the front
Car in the back
Car on right
Car on left
People crossing the road everywhere and leaning on that every car has a break
Dirty dusty & broken roads.

And a lot coming to you soon

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