Friday, 5 June 2009

Bader Qabazard's Art Exhibition

bader qabazard a kuwaiti national born in 1961. got his bachelor of arts degree in motion pictures and photography at brooks institute. santa barbara, california. since his return to the gulf in 1991, bader has worked as an agency producer with impact/bbdo based in dubai regional headquarters serving all their clients and working on projects throughout the region and in europe. in 1994 he was taken on in a full time capacity by star tv operating as a producer and director for channel [V] where he became the first gcc national to become directly responsible for over 270 hours of music programming for a major international network. in 1998 he becamethe executive producer and director for the disney channel middle east. when it comes to digital artwork
bader started in 1998 when he installed photoshop into his computer. he started by experimenting with photos taking through out the years. slowly he developed his own technique and style. since then he participated in many international group exhibitions in the gulf region
till 2004 he made his first solo exhibition. at the moment he is working with al watan tv as
head of creative department to date bader has won 7 international awards for his
tv and advertising work.

And he is my BOSS

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